New Product Development


EES is always looking forward with research and innovation ideas enabling our customers to benefit from the latest industry trends. Let EES help you keep your eye on the future while watching your bottom line today.

Keeping Cost Low

  • Designs that are optimized for application requirements
  • Analysis software that allows us to eliminate unnecessary parts (minimize component costs)
  • Designs using pre-existing  or common component parts
  • Designs that support manufacturing and assembly considerations
  • Bulk buying of steel

Performance and Emissions

  • Minimum restriction muffler designs for controlled backpressure
  • Designs meeting durability and performance  expectations
  • Catalytic design support, including new mufflers or conversions of existing muffler designs to meet latest emission regulations
  • Quiet designs to meet application expectations
  • Heat controlled surfaces for application compatibility
  • US Forest Service approved spark arresters for safety and environment protection.



  • Mufflers for gasoline (two and four cycle), diesel, LP, and natural gas engine applications
  • Portable gensets and home stand-by units
  • Handheld applications (string trimmers, chainsaws, blowers, etc)
  • Both residential and commercial applications.
  •  Stamped, engine mounted mufflers; engine mounted canister mufflers; and remote mounted mufflers
  • Mufflers of any size from handheld to 10 inch diameter canister mufflers.
  • Tailpipes and exhaust manifolds

insulated catalyst muffler (Medium)